Another new race venue for me in Fayetteville, NC! Now, I did race the Fort Bragg Military Sprint last year, which was just down the road, but that is/was a different race. So, I’m not completely new to the area, but this is my first time at this race. It’s my second to last OCR race for this season and my second to last race needed to get my 3x Trifecta for the year!

The first thing I noticed about this venue was, of course, the course itself. As you drive in you drive past the festival area and finish line, including those last few obstacles. There is something exciting about seeing what you are about to get into before you actually get to it. This is one of the few races that I’ve been to where VIP parking was actually something I wish I had purchased. Us regular folk had to park close to a half mile away and walk back to the festival area we had just passed. That’s ok though, a few extra steps shouldn’t bother anyone that is about to tackle a Spartan Super! Parking was also quick and easy, so I won’t complain about that!

It was a pretty warm day to run, especially since it’s supposed to technically be fall now. The temperature very quickly rose above 80 degrees (27C). I think when I finished the race it was around 86. When I was driving home my car said it was at or above 90. Since I was running early the start wasn’t so bad though, and the grass (and obstacles!) were still wet with dew.  The sun came out during the race and it was very aggressive, and there were few clouds to protect us. Luckily, there wasn’t too much open running and most of the race had some tree coverage.

The race course was exceptionally flat! I’m having trouble making my mind up about this trend. The more races I do, the flatter they seem to become. I know there are still a few serious climbs at some of the races, but so many other races have flattened out. I think running a flat course once in awhile is pretty cool, it gives you a chance to really open up and run instead of just power hiking, but I prefer the courses to have some variation. Anyway,  this was a fast course! The winning time was exactly one hour, and the course was over 8.5 miles. The course had some technical terrain, but for the most part it was kind of standard trail running. I will say, this course had a lot more muddy spots than most races I’ve done recently, which I really liked! It was a real mud run!

The obstacles were really well placed too, none of them seemed too on top of each other, even the ones that were right next to each other. It seemed to have a good flow and everything made sense. They did some interesting things with obstacle placement in this race though, and I thought it was really cool. For example, the Multi-Rig lead directly into a really long Barbed Wire Crawl. This crawl was probably the longest one I’ve ever done. It was mostly flat or downhill, and there was some mud, but not too much, so you could roll most of it. As soon as you completed that you did the Rolling Mud and Dunk Wall, followed immediately by the Slip Wall. The end of the race too, which usually does have some back to back obstacles had Twister, then Olympus, the Spear Throw then it finished with the A-Frame Cargo Net leading into the fire jump. I hadn’t dont a race with the A-Frame as the last real obstacle. It was also cool to see the Spear Throw at the end again. It’s been along time since I’ve seen that.

My performance was both better than I was expecting and worse than I wanted. Though, I suppose until I am on  the 1st place podium I will find something to harass myself about. I have been feel super fatigued lately. I think the combination of frequent races, home workouts, and not enough sleep have just got me in a perpetual state of fatigue. My shoulders and parts of my arms haven’t stopped hurting since WV. My legs often feel like lead, even if I haven’t done anything. Most days I’m just tired and don’t have the energy to do much. Last weekend’s race had me really worried about this weekend. I did really poorly in that race, by my standards, and I didn’t know how I’d fair in this race.

I am happy to say that I took some rest days and upped my calorie intake and it seems to have made a difference and I was feeling pretty good most of the race. I was able to actually run a good portion of it and most of the obstacles didn’t give me much trouble at all. Around mile 6 I started feeling it and after mile 7 I had pretty much drained the tank. That last two miles of the race were easily the slowest of the whole race. I didn’t have much left to summon up and I needed that strength for the obstacles, so I didn’t run much in that last bit. I think that with my fatigue and the fact that I haven’t really been running at all, other than in my races, I was doomed to bonk at the end of this race. I’m not too upset about it though, as it was, on the whole, a very good race for me. I did set my Super PR by 9 minutes. I really wanted to break 2 hours, but I didn’t quite make it and come in at 2:09. Still, considering everything I think I did pretty great!

As for the obstacles I managed to climb the rope and nail the spear again in this race! That’s 4 races in a row that I have conquered those obstacles. Since those two were ones I could never complete before, it feels really good to finish them now, and save myself all that time and energy from doing those would-be 60 burpees. I also redeemed myself on the Monkey Bars from my race in DC two weeks ago! The bars were wet this time too, but not as quite as slippery. I did use my FitFour gloves, but I found that they actually almost made me slip off a couple of times, so I had to be careful, but I made it and that’s all that matters! I think I talked myself out of Twister before I even got there. Looking back on it I didn’t give it everything I had. Defeated, I did my burpees and marched over to Olympus. I have been thinking a lot about this obstacle and I had worked out some tactics to get me through it. I put those tactics to the test and I successfully got through it! Feeling pretty pumped about that it helped me land the spear throw a dig up a tiny bit of energy for a little push at the end. I also didn’t make the rig, I tried it with the gloves, as there were ropes on it, not just rings, and my hands are pretty torn up. I think If I had fresh hands and wasn’t wearing the gloves I would have had it. But still, 60 burpees ina race is a record low for me so I won’t complain! I’m getting that much close to a clean race!!

This was a fun course, even though I complained about how flat it was. I think if I were in a better physical state I would have loved it because I would have been flying around the course. For now I will tentatively be coming back here next year. I am tossing around the idea of getting an Endurance Trifecta and it will host both Hurricane Heats that I will need to do so. If I do come back for that I don’t know that I’ll be able to resist the urge to tackle this Super again, and if I’m feeling really daring I might sign up for the Sprint on Sunday as well!




3 thoughts on “Spartan Super – Fayetteville, NC (9/23/17)

    1. I took all of last week off! Went to bed early, slept in every day, and didn’t work out at all!! 🙂 By the end of the week things were feeling much better and I was starting to have cravings to be active again. I started training again this week and things are going really well!

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