#2017ofEverything – March Edition

As you may know, I didn’t complete the January challenge in January and have committed to keep trying until I do get it. Well, the February challenge ended up about the same way. Well, maybe a little worse. I have been keeping up with my normal workouts just fine, but I really lost focus on these auxiliary goals this month. That being said, I really think I have a shot at getting gold this month! Here is the challenge for March:


This one seems quite doable actually! This challenge requires you to set a timer for 20:17 and the complete as many rounds of the listed exercises as you can  within that time. Going for Gold means completing this workout 15 times in the month of March. Since it is timed it removes that pressure to keep up with any specific goal on any specific day. And since you only need to complete 15 workouts in the month it means I can do one of these workouts every other day and reach that goal!! I did my first one yesterday and I was able to get 5 rounds in before time was up. I was pretty impressed, I didn’t think I would perform quite that well. It’ll be interesting to see how many rounds I can complete at the end of the month.

January’s challenge was a little out of my league (but I haven’t given up on it yet!) and I was bummed about February because I knew I wouldn’t finish it because I don’t think my knee can handle the 17 mile requirement at this point. March seems like it will be something that will challenge me, but is also something that is achievable. I think it’ll give me a nice confidence boost to complete this challenge and be doing something good for someone else. An ego pick-me-up will be welcome as race season is less than a month away!!


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