Getting to 5 minutes – Monthly Milestones

So you may be aware the main reason I started this blog was to discuss my journey to reclaiming my health and getting back in shape. I am on a quest to not only lose all of my excess body fat and improve my health, but I feel like I need to beat a goal that has been haunting me since high school: The 5 Minute Mile.

I’ve been working hard these past few months to eat right and stick to my workouts. I’ve been making really good progress, but I need to keep my goals in mind or I feel like they are going to slip through my fingers. A sub-five minute mile isn’t something that is so easily achieved, especially when you are starting from such a bad place. I have been satisfied with my progress thus far and I feel like I’m finally reaching a point where I can and need to step up my efforts and really go at it hard!

To stay on track I took the time to figure out what I need to run each month in order to reach my goal. I am basing this on my previous fastest track mile. Being that I am starting to beat that time without that much effort in my regular workouts I am pretty confident I can lower my best mile by a good margin at this point. I wasn’t able to make it to a track in February so I am going to try to go within the next week. Hopefully I can beat the February time goal by a decent margin as I’ll have to test again in just a few weeks when trying to reach March’s goal.

So, based on my recent mile time of 8:44 these are the results I need to have for the rest of the year to get to 5 minutes by the end of August:

  • February: 7:48
  • March: 7:20
  • April: 6:52
  • May: 6:24
  • June: 5:56
  • July: 5:28
  • August: 4:59

Pretty ambitious, huh? I think if I am feeling good and I really push it I can beat March’s goal by the end of the month. Before starting this I was worried I was going to hit a wall somewhere in the 7 min/mile range. Based on my progress and how it’s been progressing it looks like that might be accurate. I think that if I follow my plan and step up my training, while working on my weak spots I might be able to just break through that wall!



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