#2017ofEverything – January’s result and February’s challenge

Ok! So to get right to it, January’s challenge kicked my butt! I didn’t even come close. I didn’t even get halfway on most of the moves. The results are so bad that they aren’t even worth sharing. What is worth sharing is my experience. I found out that despite all of my improvements I still have a lot of weaknesses and I don’t have the strength or stamina that I should possess. Regardless of those facts I feel like I made a commitment. Since I couldn’t do it in January I’m going to try again in February. If I don’t make it in February, I’ll try again in March. I’m going to repeat this challenge every month for the rest of the year until I can conquer it!! Even though I failed miserably at the challenge I have experienced a great deal of improvement in several areas, specifically my quads, my abs and my chest and triceps. I have seen enough progress that I definitely think it’s worth pursuing!

Moving on from January’s challenge, it’s now February. It looks like the 100mileman isn’t playing around and has issued another challenge for this month. From the way it sounds it looks like he’s going to issue a new challenge each month for the rest of the year. Awesome! His challenge for February is as follows:


The catch to this challenge is that you don’t have the whole month to do it, as you did last month. Either of these challenges must be completed within 5 consecutive days. I am going for the gold, but I think I am going to hold off and attempt it a little later in the month. I do think that this is doable though. I think the hardest part is going to be the 17 miles. I easily do 17 miles of walking every 5 days. But I think the spirit of the challenge is to do 17 more miles than you would on a normal day. As I’m only getting 4-6 miles a week, this will be tough to squeeze in.

Well, I am already super behind in trying to beat January’s challenge so I better get to work! As always I will post again with my progress and how I do with each of these successive challenges. Oh, and fun side note, I have finally started on my running program designed to eliminate all of the weakest links in my running. I can’t wait for race season to start!


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