Pulse Check

So, I have been super busy lately and it’s been difficult to even find time to sit down and write a post. I’m going to try to get better at that. This particular post I’ve been meaning to write for weeks but every time I think I will have time to complete it something comes up.

The good news is that part of me being so busy is the fact that I have been doing very well keeping up with my workouts. I have been able to get a good workout in almost everyday since I’ve started this mission and I am definitely seeing some progress. I am now in the middle of a recovery week, which is much needed. At the end of last week I was feeling very beat up and fatigued. My wife was out of town this Labor Day weekend which left me alone to care for my little one. While it was an amazing weekend together it didn’t really afford me much time to focus on my fitness. This week will be spent doing yoga, stretching, and foam rolling. I can tell I have all sorts of trouble spots I need to address; the aftermath of the heavier workouts. I haven’t spent much time dedicated to resolving those issues and I think I’m doing myself a disservice. There are a lot of areas (shoulders, back. hip flexors, calf muscles) that are super tight. I have also started having a bit more pain in my knee. I am pretty sure this is more of a result of muscle tightness and imbalances rather than wear and tear on the actual joint.

The reason I need to focus on it so much this week is that it’s the beginning of race season for me! That’s right, despite having only been focusing on my health and fitness for two months I have my first Spartan Race of the year this weekend! I am super excited and nervous. This will be my third consecutive year running these races and last year made me second guess this tradition. My first year was a blast! I had so much fun! Despite them being the most difficult thing I have ever done physically it was so rewarding and I was full of such pride when I crossed those finish lines. My races that year were right when I started my current job. I went from a fast paced, on-your-feet retail job to a quiet and sedentary desk job. After my races that first year wrapped up I can’t recall a time where I was active in any legitimate way until the next year’s races. I had no idea what a year sitting at a desk would do to my body. Last year the races were no longer fun. I felt like I was dying at every one. My race times were terrible. My Sprint time almost doubled from the year before! Leading up to the birth of my daughter was born had me unsure of whether I’d be running the races or not this year. Time and money were both serious concerns. After some serious discussion with my wife we agreed on two things: 1) That I need to get healthy for my daughter and 2) these races are a great motivator and I need to complete them. So I began my training and here we are today.

My sub-five minute mile ambition has been hanging around with me for years. I tend to be more successful when I have goals. This next year that I will not only help keep me running, but also strength training and watching what I eat. I have three Spartans this year and I signed up for an 8k race that I have completed a couple of times before. I will be sure to write up a post about the results of all of these races. I think that, while I haven’t lost any weight (in fact I’ve gained weight), even this little bit of training could possibly help me do better in all of my races this year. I have big plans for next year as well. I am going to sign up for as many foot races as I can, but I am also going to try to go for my first Double Trifecta with Spartan Race. I also want to sign up and do some of the other OCR events (Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac, etc).

I am hoping to finally finish up a post or two about some of the things I’ve been doing to determine my starting point. I’ve had some tests done and I’ve gathered some data. I have some more tests to complete, and I need to do it soon, before I get too far into my training. Not that I think I’m going to make super-amazing changes in such a short time but I want to get the most accurate information I can. I really like statistics and seeing trends. It’s also really motivating to be able to look back and see how far you’ve come and to realize that all of those long hours suffering where actually worth it. I am going to try to write up those posts and get them published as soon as I can. But until then my desk job is calling…



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